Premier Essay is not a reputable essay writing service.

Premier Essay is an essay writing service that assists students finish their school assignments with the assistance of a professional writer. You can be confident that your essay will remain private and secure by Premier Essay. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and unlimited free revisions. The company also provides 24 hour customer support and will assist you with any questions.

Every customer is provided with a custom essay. This is accomplished by taking into consideration the deadlines and the costs. Customers are kept in constant touch with the writers and they notify them via email when the project is completed. They offer free revisions and are able to alter the status of the work after it has been completed.

It does not utilize Turnitin.

Premier Essay Service USA doesn’t employ Turnitin to find plagiarism. It employs freelance writers who must pass an English exam in the language and submit a sample essay. They are also able to accept orders from students once they have been hired. This does not mean that they will create original papers.

It is easy to navigate the website. Everything is clearly labeled to reduce confusion when making orders. The main page lists all the services that are available. By clicking the user can select from a range of paper types.

It also hires freelance writers

Premier Essay hires freelance writers across the globe to assist you with your academic writing. The writers at this service are required to pass an English test in order to submit a sample paper. The website also provides a comprehensive description of the various services provided by the company. The website is old and does not comply with the current standards. The site is informative and has a price estimator.

As a freelance writer you are able to pick the jobs that are most suitable to your abilities and work schedule. You can write as much as you want and retain the entire amount of any payment. The most appealing aspect of our services is that you are able to work from anywhere on the globe.

It is not the guarantee of privacy or safety.

Premier Essay claims to offer top quality work, but it’s difficult to know what to expect from their work. Many clients complain about the quality of their assignments. They complain that they don’t have enough research or fact-checking done. Furthermore, the company does not make use of Turnitin to identify plagiarism. You may have difficulty getting your assignment accepted in the event that your school utilizes Turnitin.

It doesn’t offer free revisions

While it’s true how many sources for a 10 page paper that there are numerous firms that provide essay writing services on the internet, you must be sure to select an online site that offers free revisions on your work. While the websites of a few of the top essay writing services provide free revisions, others do not. Premier Essay’s website, for example was not updated since 2013 and does not meet current standards. However, the content of the website is informative and includes an estimate of prices as well as a general overview of the services that the company offers.

While the company promises exceptional quality however, many customers are unhappy with the quality of the work they produce. They do not use Turnitin for plagiarism detection , and the assignments lack in-depth research. Your institution of study might not be able to accept the work they write.